Tuesday, January 27, 2009

And it's a Go....

Ok, so I just had my first order. As both my daughter and London Tipton would say "Ya Me!!" (don't ask). It was just a small order, literally. A gentleman from Ottawa contacted me through Etsy to create a miniature lily/rose bouquet as a valentines gift for someone special.. Did I mention that the WHOLE bouquet had to fit INSIDE a tiny little clay pot. So, I took the challenge and was rather pleased with the tiny outcome. Pic posted.

The flowers are individually mounted in a small votive candle. The final creation measured ~2.06" diameter and 2.5" high. And I got 7 flowers in it!! I sent the gentleman (Glen) a pic to ensure that it was exactly what he wanted and this was his response "Beyond words...just beautiful! Thank you for all your hard work and the passion you exude for your work. It certainly shines through." I think I teared up, I was so happy ;-)

Then, all of sudden, I get a message from a friend I've had for many years.. She wants 7 dozen roses in reds, pinks, and white. 7 dozen, I ask? 7 separate dozens or 1 huge 7 dozen bunch? And for when? Well, as it turns out, my dear friend (who works at the hospital here in Leduc) wants to purchase them individually so that she can give them to the patients who are feeling lonely... Isn't she the sweetest? So, I said I'd order the paper that night. Gave her an awesome discount - basically just covered my costs and charged her about $2/hr - who knew I was that cheap (shut up, Phil). Had to though, it's for sick people ;-( She's not in a humungous rush for them though so I don't have to get all anxious and edgy about when my paper will be in and I can make them when my "darling" baby goes done for his 30 minute nap.

What 4 month old baby has a 30 min nap, twice (maybe 3 times if I'm lucky) a day? Don't get me wrong, it's fabulous that he sleeps about 8 or 9 hours at night without waking up and it's even better that he always wakes up very happy and smiling. Hell, he even gives me time to pee, have a drink, have half a smoke, get his bottle, and make sandwiches for kids lunches if I have to. But, come on? Half an hour?!?!?!?!? I have no down time... He' s driving me nuts.. but he's a good baby, he's cute, he's fun to make faces at, his Grandma and Daddy seem completely smitten.. so, I guess, I won't sell him to the gypsy's or feed him to the coyotes just yet... lol.

I'll be fine.. I think I just miss big people.

Saturday, January 24, 2009

The Beginning

Well, let's start out with a hello and thanks for stopping by.

I'm Lisa, a stay-at-home mom who couldn't find any stay-at-home employment as a bookkeeper so I turned to my other love, origami. Don't get me wrong, staying at home with the baby is much preferred to dropping him off at a day care but after a while, you need something more to do than coo at a baby all day.

I got married last March and decided that I did not like my flower options given my colour scheme of blue and silver. So, I ordered some paper, found some diagrams online and this is what I came up with:

While hanging out in the wedding book forum on facebook, I posted a question to the ladies: Would there be any interest in origami bouquets/decorations for weddings? Now, this question was posted for opinions only. Not only did I get positive and glowing reviews, I got requests for quotes!!!

I wasn't yet set up to begin so I quickly had to figure it all out.. I posted all the pics I had into a facebook album and linked people there, and I listed a few items on etsy under LiliesbyLisa.
Now there's a blog, next is Kijiji, followed by lov.li, and Deviant Art. All were excellent ideas given to me by fellow wedding book poster Amanda. You should check out her artwork and photograghy at http://www.serenityphotography.webs.com/ . You won't be disappointed.

It looks like my sis will be working on business cards for me and either her or my hubby will be working on an actual website.

At this time, my baby is 4 months old and is happily cooing away in his swing after his usual 30 minute morning nap (I wish it were longer). It's Saturday morning, so the older rugrats (8,9,&11) are sleeping in. Mr. Man gets to sleep in too since he works evenings.

I can't wait to start folding again. I whipped up 3 miniature flowers for Katie in Cleveland who wants to use them to adorn place cards at her wedding. One lily and two different roses.. It was the first time I did roses that small and I think they came out very cute. Now, I'm waiting to hear back from Jennifer and Amber. I have my fingers crossed!!

I'll post pics as frequently as I can as my progress continues on the flower folding.
I may supply links to tutorials - hell, I even may make my own some day.
Until next time, happy folding!!


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