Wednesday, April 29, 2009

If I'm Going to Blog Hell, Can I at Least Have a Hand-basket?

So, it's been forever since my last blog entry...

Ummmmmmm, sorry?

I got busy with the new website, the FB group, Etsy, ordering business cards and stuff, and the kids. Somewhere in there, I found the time to make a few things ;-)

So, I made a Fire C/P for a local lady for her husbands 40 birthday event.. he's a captain at a fire station. That was the beginning of April. Next, it was on to 2 Blue Lily C/P's for a "Celebration of Life" Event. That was also someone fairly local. On top of that, I made her 14 White Roses with a twist.... I was able to manipulate a digital photo so that I could put it in the centre of each rose. They turned out amazing. That was last week.

Now, it's on to wedding bouttonieres... yeah!!

The first time you make something (expecially designing) is always the hardest. But they are coming along nicely. I posted preliminary pics on the FB group and an Etsy Listing but I've already made some alterations to them.. no matter what my hubby said, they looked to bare to me ;-)

The big news : I no longer feel completely alone on Etsy and crafting in general. I joined a team on Etsy called the Alberta Street Team (makes sense, I do LIVE in Alberta). It's only been a week, but I no longer find myself so disgruntled when I log on to Etsy. It seems like most of the members are from Calgary though ;-) Guess they are really creative down there.

I joined up just in time for their .. huhummmm, our, MAY MADNESS SALE.

So, from May 1 - 7, Etsy Alberta Team members are having a sale at their shops. I will be offering a 20% discount on all listed items or custom orders requested. There are several other deals such as 15% off, free shipping, free gift with purchase, etc. So, go to Etsy and search for "Alberta Team" to find us all.

It should be an absolute blast and I hope to see alot of people there ;-)