Thursday, May 14, 2009

After the Rush....

Well, the May Madness Sale for the Alberta Team on Etsy was a success. I, myself, didn't make any sales but (since I was brand new to the group) made something much more important... FRIENDS!!

These are a great bunch of ladies (and man) to network with.. so much creativity and knowledge among them that I am very proud to now be a part of ;-)

Not all the team's shops were able to participate in the sale, so, if you're curious about who else is on the team you should visit the team blog at

A short while ago, I had the pleasure of being featured on a blog, CanArtisan, a site dedicated to finding talented, independent Canadian business owners with a passion for creativity and the handmade. You can view the blog here.

So, since the sale, I've been busy catching up on house stuff, kids, husband, etc. I managed to make damask roses right at the start of the sale, as well as finish off an order of boutonnieres for a client. This week was the "I Love You" Bouquet for a customer in Lethridge and next week is a version of the "Unity Bouquet" for a lady in Wainwright... I will one day, hopefully, manage to make samples for shows..

As a side note, I have received my 5th order of PURPLE business products from vistaprint.. I'm not sure what they have against blue, but it seems to be impossible ;-( Which is a darn pity because they are so affordable and otherwise, exactly what I was looking for... meh.

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